How To: Generate Leads on a Budget


People will try to convince you that lead generation requires costly marketing management, campaigns and outsourcing. Whilst these activities can help, they are not always suitable for a growing business trying to keep costs low. I’m going to run you through some effective lead generation strategies that costs little-to-nothing to help you promote your small business.

Free advertising websites

There are plenty of free advertising websites available to every business owner today.


This well established, cheap furniture marketplace is surprisingly useful for almost each and every type of business out there. You can add branding, pictures, website links, ABN, accreditation and best of all it’s free. Gumtree also allows users to track how many clicks they get through to their website and emails you responses from interested parties. Go set-up your advertisement today. LinkedIn Yes, I know it’s a social media form of a website, however it is one of the most powerful, free-to-use marketing tools available in 2017. Build up your connections through people you know and share useful content and deals to your network.


2017 is all about relationship based selling, people want to know the person behind the product. Airtasker allows you to bid on jobs for free, many tasks may start off as a bargain but can lead to amazing brand promotion and ongoing retainers at a much higher rate.

Friends and Family

When building a business you need to utilise all of your available contacts and know how to reach them. Friends and family are a perfect way to get the word out and possibly even make some sales. Discuss your business with them, ask them to like and share on social media, speak with friends about others who could be interested. Many small business leads come from friends and family! They can also be a great sounding board to help you test marketing material before it hits the general public.

Social Media

This is a no brainer. If you are a small business in 2017 then you need to be harnessing the incredible power of social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Snapchat are all great tools to connect with millions of people around the world including your own neighbourhood.

If you’re a visually stimulating company, food product or media centric brand go for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. These are the types of places your customers hang out and look for the next best thing.

If your product, like my own, is more service based or less visually focussed then go for sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to share useful content and material. Know your audience and find out where and when they use social media.


Last, but certainly not least, we have blogging. It’s a well known fact that blogging generates traffic, guides people to your website and ultimately provides leads. Don’t just write whatever comes to your mind, find out what people are interested in, share the great knowledge you have accumulated and stand out from the crowd. No one wants to read another clickbait or wishy washy ‘please love me’ style blog! Remember to contribute to your business community.

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