Reflecting on 5 years in business


Five years on, I look back and laugh at how crazy I appeared, 26 years old leaving a stable job with no clients to my name, and very little money in the bank account. That crazy idea sparked Tall Books and today I’m proud to celebrate our fifth anniversary!

Tall Books is a bookkeeping & accounting firm that puts clients first, taking the stress out of your finances so you can focus on building a business you love. We take pride in our work and bring a proactive and efficient approach to everything we do.

In 2015 I was a recent music graduate working for a large accounting software provider, in a job I stumbled upon without any plan of sticking around. Yet, after a few months of exposure to the accounting industry, I noticed a mindset shift, and so my love of accounting began. Fast forward a year, I was now in account management, my job involved managing and supporting relationships between our company and bookkeepers in NSW. I saw an opportunity in the market for a young ‘tech-savvy’ male, in fact, the industry seemed to be crying out for more tech-focussed accounting professionals.

I can comfortably say taking the plunge into self-employment was the single best move I’ve made to date, and I’ve never looked back. There’s something truly gratifying about carving out your own path, setting your own boundaries, and building a brand.

If I could go back in time and give myself some quality advice it would be as follows:

  • Trust your gut. Every time I ignored this instinct I suffered. There’s a level of natural understanding within us all and it’s important to pay attention.
  • Stay excited. I’m still full of excitement, and I truly love what I do. This is key to reaching your idea of success. If it doesn’t excite you then go find something that does.
  • Don’t be stingy about self-education and personal development. These areas are wise investments, not expenses.
  • If a client keeps you up at night, if they continue to affect your mental health then it’s wise to let them go. Not every match is made in heaven, and business relationships are just like personal ones, learn when to call it quits.

As I write and reflect, I’m full of gratitude for every individual who has played a role in my business journey to date. The bookkeeping industry is a rare treasure, full of talented, selfless, inspiring individuals who believe in lifting each other up. Thank you to my team, past and present, for your dedication and commitment to our clients and each other. Thank you to our inspiring small business clients who make it happen every day regardless of what challenges lay ahead. Lastly, to my friends and family, thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

I’ll wrap this piece with a word to anyone considering their own venture into self-employment. Go for it! Let your excitement and drive fuel your success, lean on the incredible wealth of resources out there, and trust your gut. Here’s to the next exciting stage of the Tall Books journey, the best is yet to come.