Closing the Deal: The Art of Persuasion


Anyone who’s ever tried to sell a product or service in the past is guaranteed to have experienced a common theme, that is of course rejection. So, I’m going to run through some tried and tested sales tips on closing a deal by mastering the art of persuasion.

Know Thy Client

If you’ve ever undergone sales training then you’ll understand objection handling is key. When a client says they need to think about it, speak to a significant other or simply ‘no thanks’ they often just aren’t sold on the idea. It could be they don’t fully understand the value or need for your service/product or perhaps they don’t fully trust you at that stage.

So with that in mind, if you are planning to pitch to a new client then make sure you’ve done your homework. What social media sites can you use for research, do they have a website? If your potential client is simply buying a product then where else does their demographic shop? What are their interests? Where do they spend their money in their time off? You need to know these things.

Once you understand these basic questions about your client then you are armed and ready to persuasively close a deal.

Know Thy Self

When you’re selling to a customer, remember they are also buying based on who you are. How often do you read a quick blurb, back of a packet, website reviews or watch a quick video before buying? I’m sure you’re nodding your head because this is how we buy in 2016, we live in the Information Age with vast knowledge at our finger tips.

Differentiate yourself, identify your strengths and write them down. Look up your competitors and see what they do, what do you do better? What can you do better? Approach any sales deal with a well armed mind prepared to explain why you can provide greater value or better serve the needs of your clients over competitors. The better you know how to sell yourself the more likely others will want to invest in you and buy whatever you’re selling.

Know Thy Strategy

Now you know yourself and your client it’s time to formulate a strategy. I personally like to approach sales with a clear goal in mind.

Identify their needs and wants and sell to this. The key to persuasion is knowing what your potential client really wants and fulfilling that core desire. Think of the key areas your business can provide value and use them in conversation. Every client has indicators that you need to tap into, your research on the client should have revealed their needs, now use your own strengths to fill that void.

Focus on fulfilling the needs of the client first and hearing them out. The number one thing people are interested in is themselves. Prepare, research, listen, advise and deliver. Your powers of persuasion are almost infallible if you follow these simple steps. Practise this art of persuasion next time you approach sales, if the client feels like you understand them and deliver great value then they’ll keep coming back for more.

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