How to Market Your Small Business Online

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Have you ever looked up a brand online, only to find they have a dusty relic of a website? What about a business Facebook page with no posts since 2012? We’ve all experienced this kind of resistance, or lack of attention to new technology, and sadly these businesses are not tapping into their full potential. Your competitors are utilising social media, modern websites and online advertising, so why aren’t you? Over a year ago we heard that ‘more Google Searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.‘ Meaning your business absolutely needs a mobile friendly, up-to-date, online presence to compete in today’s society.

To make this process easier I’ve broken down the basics into steps for you to follow.

1 – Have a Social Media Presence Start with a Facebook business page. It’s free, shows up in google searches and allows you to promote yourself to the entire community with a click of a button. If you work in an industry with visual products set-up an Instagram page for your business. This will allow you to share images and videos for free to yet another large audience.

Get onboard with LinkedIn if you haven’t already. You can network with like minded business owners and potential clients to expand your reach. If you want to save time and use a tool for managing all the main social media platforms try Hootsuite.

2 – Update Your Website Having a business card, 90’s style pixelated website just won’t do any more. You need a mobile friendly, modern and simple to use website to bring in business. Your site will act as an information hub for all things relating to your business.

There are a number of easy to use website builders such as Wix, GoDaddy and WordPress.

3 – Sell Online

Customers love being able to shop whenever they like from the comfort of their home, car, work etc. If you sell a products then ensure you don’t limit your potential revenue sources.

Popular e-store options include Shopify, Web Ninja and Neto to name a few. The additional benefit of e-commerce options like those listed above is the ability to link them to your website. This turns your website into a 24/7 outlet for your customers.

Whilst not exhaustive, this list will put you on the right track to dominate the online marketplace. For more small business tips and tricks follow Tall Books on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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